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Editor’s Corner: Read the opinions of Team Tecgag, We express our views and thoughts on the current and upcoming technology related things.

MI Band 4 Review

Mi Band 4 We've all heard or used the Mi Band series. The latest update to the series is the 4th iteration aka Mi Band...
Xiaomi;s under display-camera technology

Under display camera to take on the notch?

Under display cameras to take on notch? Front-facing cameras have undergone a lot of changes from notches to dewdrop to pop up to flip....
Is FaceApp safe?

FaceApp: Is it Safe? The Complete Story

Over the past couple of days, FaceApp has become very popular. You might have seen everyone posting pictures of themselves looking older. This sounds...
FireFox Send is the new way to Send

Firefox Send- A way to send files over Internet!

Every one of us wants to send files across the web. Firefox has come up with a generic cum their own solution. It is...

Facebook Libra – The Silicon Valley’s Cryptocurrency

Libra - The silicon valley Cryptocurrency Facebook Inc is all set to enter into the Cryptocurrency market after it has made its mark in the...
UFED Premium

UFED Premium, new cracker for iOS & Android

UFED Premium - the new cracker is in town! We hear many cases in our day to day lives about many criminals and terrorists using...
Subscription to Firefox

Mozilla Firefox to get a paid subscription for Premium Features

In the war of browsers, Mozilla Firefox always had its share. Thanks to their loyal users. Now it looks like, Mozilla Firefox is going...

Keanu Reeves to be starred in Cyberpunk 2077!

Keanu Reeves to be starred in Cyberpunk 2077! Yes, it's official! At the annual E3(Electronic entertainment expo) event held by Microsoft, Keanu Reeves himself made...

PUBG Lite is coming to India

PUBG Lite is coming to India It's time for PBG to becomes lite. PUBG Lite. No matter where you are, the craze of PUBG...
WWDC Event 2019

Apple WWDC 2019- Everything Announced!

Everything to know about WWDC 2019 Apple hosted its Worldwide Developers' conference (WWDC) on June 3, 2019, i.e. yesterday. What's the latest thing in Apple?...