Battery Care for your Gadgets!

How Lithium-Ion Batteries Work? Despite massive diversities in the battery technologies, Lithium-ion Battery is used in gadgets. You will come to know why soon. A...

Everything About Screen Protection !

What are Screen Protectors In simple words, a Screen Protector is a thin film of Plastic which can be used to protect the outer glass...

All about Battery and Charge Cycles

Most of us know that Lithium Ion Battery has a finite number of charge cycles. Once your battery reaches the end of the charge...

All About Hyper-Threading? (Part II)

Hyper-Threading in Simple Words I am very sure that many people who are new and have no knowledge about such things would not have understood...

All About Hyper-Threading? (Part I)

Every time when you look at the specifications of any laptop, you would have noticed that at times onto the specifications it is mentioned...

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